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Certified Pre-Owned

Ford Certified Pre-Owned Program

Our Ford Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles come with a 172-point inspections, a CARFAX Vehicle History Report, a complimentary 24-Hour Roadside Assistance, and features comprehensive limited warranty coverage and powertrain limited warranty coverage. 
Why buy Certified Pre-Owned?

When you buy a CPO certified vehicle, you're taking the risk out of buying a used vehicle. You'll have knowledge of the full workings  of your vehicle after going through our 172-point inspection and every CPO vehicle comes with manufacturer-backed limited-warranty coverage. That's peace of mind that you can actually buy.

Download the Ford Certified Pre-Owned Program Brochure here .
Download the full 172-point Inspection pdf here .

172-point Inspection

Vehicle History (1-5)
1. VIN Inspection
2. Service Recalls (OASIS) Performed
3. Vehicle History Report Obtained
4. Scheduled Maintenance performed
5. Vehicle Emissions Sticker (Applicable States)

Road Test (6-22)
6. Engine Starts and Idles Properly
7. Remote Start System Operation
8. Engine Accelerates and Cruises Properly/Smoothly
9. Engine Noise Normal (Cold/Hot & High/Low Speeds)
10. Auto/Manual Transmission/ Transaxle Operation-Cold and Hot Shift Quality
11. Auto/Manual Transmission/ Transaxle Noise Normal- Cold and Hot
12. Shift Interlock Operates Properly
13. Drive Axle?Transfer Case Operation Noise Normal
14. Clutch Operates Properly
15. Steers Normally (Response, Centering and Free Play)
16. Body and Suspension Squeaks and Rattles
17. Struts/Shocks Operate Properly
18. Brakes?ABS Operate Properly
19. Cruise Control
20. Guages Operate Properly
21. Driver Select/Memory Profile Systems
22. No Abnormal Wind Noise

Vehicle Exterior (23-40)
Body Panels and Bumpers
23. No Evidence of Flood, Fire, Major or Hail Damage
24. Body Panel Inspection
25. Bumper/ Facia Inspection

Doors, Hood, Decklid, Tailgate
26. Doors, Hood, Decklid/Tailgate and Roof Inspection
27. Doors, Hood, Decklid/Tailgate Alignment
28. Automatic/Manual Release Mechanisms, Hinges, Prop Rod/ Gas Struts Operate Properly
29. Power Liftgate, Power-Sliding Door operation

Grille, Trim and Roof Rack
30. Grille, Trim and Roof Rack Inspection
31. Deployable Running Boards

Glass and Outside Mirrors
32. Windshields, Side and Rear Window Glass Inspection
33. Wiper Blade Replacement
34. Outside Mirror Inspection

Exterior Lights
35. Front-End Exterior Lights
36. Back-End Exterior Lights
37. Side Exterior Lights
38. Hazard Lights
39. Auto On/Off Lighting
40. Trailer Lamp Connector Operation

Vehicle Interior (41-96)
Airbag and Safety Belts
41. Airbags
42. Safety Belts

Audio and Alarm System
43. Radio, Cassette, CD and Speakers
44. Antenna
45. Alarm/Theft-Deterrent System
46. Navigation System

Heat/ Vent/ AC/ Defog/ Defrost
47. Air Conditioning System
48. Heating System
49. Defog/ Defrost

Interior Amenities
50. Clock
51. Tilt/Telescopic Steering Wheel
52. Steering Column Lock
53. Steering Wheel Controls
54. Horn
55. Warning Chimes
56. Instrument Panel and Warning Lights
57. Wipers
58. Washers
59. Interior Courtesy, Dome and Map Lights
60. Manual Outside Rearview Mirrors, Power Outside Rearview Mirrors and Auto-dimming Rearview Mirror
61. BLIS (Blind Spot Information System)
62. Rear View Camera
63. SYNC System
64. My Ford Touch
65. Active Park Assist
66. Rear Entertainment System
67. Power Outlets and Lighter
68. Ashtrays
69. Glove Box and Center Armrest/ Console
70. Sun Visors, Vanity Mirror and Light
71. Adjustable Pedals (if equipped)

Carpet, Trim and Mats
72. Interior Odor- Free
73. Carpet
74. Floor Mats
75. Door Trim and Door Panels
76. Headliner

77. Seat Upholstery
78. Seat and Head Restraint Adjustment
79. Folding Seats
80. Heated Seats
81. Integrated Child Safety Seats

Sunroof/ Moonroof/ Convertible Top
82. Sunroof/Moonroof
83. Convertible Top

Windows and Door Lock
84. Door Handles and Release Mechanisms
85. Remote Entry System and Push-Button Start System
86. Door Locks
87. Child Safety Locks
88. Window Controls
89. Remote Decklid and Fuel Filler Door Release

Luggage Compartment
90. Carpet, trim and Cargo Net
91. Luggage Compartment/ Cargo Area Light
92. Vehicle Jack and Tool Kit
93. Spare Tire Size/ Type and Sidewall Inspection
94. Spare Tire Tread Depth/ Air Pressure Inspection
95. Tire Inflator Kit
96. Emergency Trunk-Lid Release

Vehicle Diagnostics (97)
97. Perform Self-Test for all CMDTCs

Underhood (98-133)
98. Engine Oil/ Filter Change and Chassis Lube
99. Coolant
100. Brake Fluid
101. Automatic Transaxle/ Transmission Fluid
102. Transfer Case Fluid
103. Drive Axle Fluid
104. Power Steering Fluid
105. Manual Transaxle/Transmission Hydraulic Clutch Fluid
106. Washer Fluid
107. Air Conditioning System Charge

108. Fluid Leaks
109. Hoses, Lines and Fittings
110. Belts
111. Wiring
112. Oil in Air Cleaner Housing
113. Water, Sludge or Engine Coolant in Oil
114. Oil Pressure 
115. Relative Cylinder CompressionTest/ Power balance Readings (check if necessary)
116. Timing Belt
117. Engine Mounts
118. Inspect Turbocharger Air Cooler

Cooling System
119. Radiator
120. Pressure-Test Radiator Cap and Radiator
121. Cooling Fans, Clutches and Motors
122. Water Pump
123. Coolant Recovery Tank
124. Cabin Air Filter

Fuel System
125. Fuel Pump Noise Normal 
126. Fuel Pump Pressure
127. Fuel Filter
128. Engine Air Filter

Electrical System
129. Starter Operation
130. Ingnition System
131. Battery
132. Alternator Output
133. Diesel Glow Plug System

Hybrid (134-137)
134. Hybrid Cooling System
135. Switchable Powertrain Mount
136. Hybrid Entertainment and Information Display
137. 110V Power Outlet

Underbody (138-168)
138. Frame Damage
139. Fuel Supply System

Exhaust System
140. Exhaust System Condition
141. Emission Control Test

Transmission, Transaxle, Differential and transfer Case
142. Automatic Transmission/ Transaxle
143. Manual Transmission/Transaxle, Differential and Transfer Case
144. 4x4 Hub Operation
145. Universal Joints, CV Joints and CV Joint Boots
146. Transmission Mounts (not cracked, broken or oil soaked)
147. Differential/ Drive Axle

Tires and Wheels
148. Tires and Wheels Match and Are Correct Size
149. Tire Tread Depth
150. Normal Tire Wear
151. Tire Pressure
152. Tire Pressure Monitoring System 
153. Wheels
154. Wheel Covers and Center Caps
155. Rack-and-Pinion, Linkage and Boots
156. Control Arms, Bushings and Bail Joints
157. tie-Rods and Idler Arm
158. Sway Bars, Links and Bushings
159. Springs
160. Struts and Shocks
161. Wheel Alignment (check if necessary)
162. Power Steering Pump

163. Calipers and Wheel Cylinders
164. Brake Pads and Shoes
165. Rotors and Drums
166. Brake Lines, Hoses and Fittings
167. Parking Brake
168. Master Cylinder and Booster

Convenience (169- 172)
169. Owner's Guide
170. Keys and Remote Control
171. Universal Transmitter (Garage Door Opener)
172. Full Fuel Level

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