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Veterans Ford on Regenerative Braking Technology

If you have not heard of regenerative braking technology then you are in for a treat. This modern marvel has been used for years now in electric and hybrid vehicles across the auto industry. Ford has been a big proponent of this specific feature and asserts that it has one of the most efficient systems possible. Recently we heard the statistic that said regenerative braking in Ford vehicles has resulted in more than 100 million?

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Don't Forget to Enter the Contest for a New Ford C-MAX Energi

We know that there are plenty of drivers and Ford fans in the New Orleans area who do their best to keep their energy costs low by implementing all manner of cost cutting techniques. Many do it to keep a few extra bucks in their pocket, others do it out of love for the environment, but now you can do it for the chance to win a brand new Ford C-MAX Energi and a host?

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Ford C-Max Hybrid to Get a Refresh

As gas prices keep climbing, more and more consumers are turning to more efficient electric and hybrid vehicles. Here at Veterans Ford we have been witnessing a steady increase in the number of customers who walk through the doors of our showroom to take a look at the C-Max Hybrid. Now, the C-Max is getting an update and we expect demand to increase even more.

From some recent photos snapped at a test track in?

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Ford Partners with Nissan, Daimler to Research Hydrogen Cars

As you probably already know, the auto industry has been markedly touched by the explosion of hybrid vehicles in the last few years, and many automakers are doing their best to stay ahead of the trends. Sometimes, however, it's more prudent to share ideas than it is to work alone, which is why American automaker Ford has partnered with Nissan and Daimler to research new hybrid technologies.

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Smarter Ford Hybrid Cars Presented in Detroit

Early in the game of Electric Vehicles, Ford is looking to create an even smarter car. The new Ford Fusion Hybrid, presented at the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, is leading the way.

You can already test drive current versions of the Ford Fusion at Veterans Ford in Metairie, LA, but next year, you're looking at an even better MPG rated 4-door ride. Ford claims the gas-electric hybrid family sedan will

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